We specialize in creating and transforming small spaces. We are happy to help you assess the potential of your current home. Let us help you transform your small home, condo or townhome into something beautiful and functional. What about adding a suite in order to maximize the revenue potential of your home? Little House can guide you through the processes easily, on time and on budget. 


Three distinct interior design packages are available for your Micro Home purchase. All designs are inspired by chic European trends. Little House Contracting worked closely with the award winning team at Sticks + Stones Design Group to create these interior packages. We are proud to offer the light and airy Stockholm, the traditionally inspired Barcelona and the modern, industrial Yorkshire packages to our customers. Customs packages can also be created as required.


The development of each lot is unique. As such, our experienced building manager will come to your home and provide a detailed quote outlining Lot Development and Revitalization costs for your Micro Home build. Development costs could include removal of existing structures, leveling of land, parking requirements, utilities upgrades etc. Revitalization costs include clean up and lot prep post build. Contact us today for your custom quote.


Based on established relationships with City planners, Little House Contracting will work with our customers to ensure all City requirements are met for each Micro Home build. Our experienced team obtains all required development and building permits and, as required, for a set fee, will act on behalf of homeowners to apply for any variance permits or navigate the process of rezoning a property. Currently, Micro homes are permitted in the following zones:

Kelowna: Micro Homes are currently permitted on RU6, RU1c, RU2c, RR1c, RR2c, RR3c  or A1c  zoned properties. Other properties may request zoning changes to allow for micro homes providing they meet certain criteria.

West Kelowna: On September 29, 2015 West Kelowna Council took measures to increase opportunities for affordable housing and housing choice within the City of West Kelowna. Secondary houses are now a permitted  on RC1, RC2, R1, R1L, RU1 , RU2, RU3, RU4, RU5 and A1 properties as long as they meet minimum parcel sizes. There is a legalization process that all property owners must engage in . Only one secondary  house is permitted per parcel.

More information on your property’s current zoning and future land use designation go to:


West Kelowna:

Both sites allow homeowners to search their home address and print a property report with current zoning and future land use designation.


Through pre-established relationships with two local lenders Little House can suggest financing options to suit your lifestyle:

  • Competitive Mortgage Products: Fixed Rate Mortgage, Closed Variable Interest Rate Mortgage, Open Variable Interest Rate Mortgage.
  • TD Home Equity Flexline: With a TD Home Equity FlexLine, you can access up to 80% of the value of your current home to purchase a second home. What’s unique about a TD Home Equity FlexLine is that it can combine the flexibility of a revolving line of credit with the security of a fixed rate option.

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In collaboration with our design team at Sticks and Stones Design Group, Little House Contracting is proud to offer furniture packages to fit perfectly into and maximize space and storage options in your new micro home. Furniture packages coordinate with our three interior design schemes; offerings include the light and airy Stockholm, the traditionally inspired Barcelona and the modern, industrial Yorkshire packages to our customers.

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Outland Design Landscape Architecture provides Little House Contracting with expert consulting and advice around urban planning of intentionally designed and ecologically conscious micro home communities. Little House Contracting also, when prudent, consults with our partners at Outland Design when building a micro home as a secondary structures to ensure that the micro home is positioned on the lot in a way that maximizes and beautifies the use of the land.