Based on established relationships with City planners, Little House Contracting will work with our customers to ensure all City requirements are met for each Micro Home build. Our experienced team obtains all required development and building permits and, as required, for a set fee, will act on behalf of homeowners to apply for any variance permits or navigate the process of rezoning a property. Currently, Micro homes are permitted in the following zones:

Kelowna: Micro Homes are currently permitted on RU6, RU1c, RU2c, RR1c, RR2c, RR3c  or A1c  zoned properties. Other properties may request zoning changes to allow for micro homes providing they meet certain criteria.

West Kelowna: On September 29, 2015 West Kelowna Council took measures to increase opportunities for affordable housing and housing choice within the City of West Kelowna. Secondary houses are now a permitted  on RC1, RC2, R1, R1L, RU1 , RU2, RU3, RU4, RU5 and A1 properties as long as they meet minimum parcel sizes. There is a legalization process that all property owners must engage in . Only one secondary  house is permitted per parcel.

More information on your property’s current zoning and future land use designation go to:


West Kelowna:

Both sites allow homeowners to search their home address and print a property report with current zoning and future land use designation.