Who are we?

About Little House

Little House Contracting is a new, specialty, micro home building company in the Okanagan. Due to the current lack of rental housing, the ageing population, the large tourist industry and the growing college and university institutions in our area we will be initially making our little homes available as secondary suites for pre-existing home owners. In the future, we are working on plans for a micro home development, which will create  affordable  housing options  and diverse neighborhoods that are beautiful, environmental and  are focused on individuals and their lifestyles.

Our micro homes are typically between 300 and 650 square feet, mindfully created to get maximum use out of the space with minimum impact on the environment. Our homes are luxurious, designed specifically to enhance and compliment your neighborhood and property. Our company provides full building contract and design services, and, based on established relationships, will act as a liaison with city planners and financial institutions. For home owners, your micro home could be rented out creating a high return on investment and increasing the value of your property. Alternatively, depending on your stage in life, you could move into your little home, renting out your existing home freeing up income for travel, hobbies, retirement etc.

We, at Little House Contracting, are excited to offer home owners in our community the opportunity to have high returns for low investment with minimal risk. Additionally, we value community and believe that everyone deserves to have a home to call their own.


Helping Canadians realize their little house dreams by facilitating full service planning and builds for those who desire luxuriously designed, environmentally conscious, exceptionally priced homes.

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