Lengthy City Permit Processing Extends Build Timelines

The City of Kelowna has recently released a bulletin explaining that an increase in permit application volume has resulted in higher than normal processing time for all Development Permit Applications.

 Application times for regular Development Permits (DPs) have increased to between six and eight weeks. This applies to applications for building structures that comply with the existing zoning bylaw. This impacts Little House customers who are interested in building a carriage home in an RU-6 or RU1-c zone. This also applies to those wishing to build a micro home as a primary dwelling.

 An application for rezoning has increased from the typical four month process to a six to eight month endeavor. This change impacts Little House customers who will need to rezone their property in order to build their carriage home.

 These processing times are in addition to the four to six weeks that it will take you and your Little House Team to plan, design and receive a building quote for your micro home build. If you are considering a Little House build in the coming year, let us help you get started.

 Don’t forget

1.       West Kelowna has opened up all of their residential lots (that meet certain parameters) to allow for secondary dwellings.

2.       There is a major shortage of rental accommodation in the Kelowna and West Kelowna areas. Due to this high demand and low supply the income generated from a rental home will contribute substantially to your net worth and monthly income. To get an idea of what you might rent your micro carriage home for, take a look at this recent article from Castanet that shows average rental rates in the various areas of town: http://www.castanet.net/news/Kelowna/169150/Rentals-vary-across-town


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